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The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh is an editor’s pick of the week on the Kirkus website. Click to see it here. Read a blog review of Watt O’Hugh in The Boston Phoenix, at the King of the Nerds website, at the Midwest Book Review website, at Carabosse’s Library, at Sift Reviews, Indie Book Spot, at Free Book Reviews and on the blog by the science fiction writer Mike Brotherton.

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The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh is picking up some great comments on Amazon – “A great read and something I would recommend to anyone looking for an interesting plot with fun twists, a lovable main character and a story that ends leaving you excited for the next installment”, writes one reviewer – and also on Goodreads, where one reviewer writes, “When I think about the laundry list of things that are in the book (gun slinging adventures, evil plots from all around the world, mythological creatures, a very manly woman (or is it a womanly man?), NYC in 1860s, J. P. Morgan and his love interests, the wild west, prison breaks, cowboys, outlaws, broadway shows…) I wonder how any of it came together to make any sense, but it all does.” Read all the Amazon reviews here, and read all the Goodreads reviews here.

More than 1100  people entered the Watt O’Hugh giveaway on Goodreads! The giveaway is now closed.