A new podcast

In case you have been thinking, why aren’t there more podcasts around, you are in luck! The “Watt O’Hugh” radio drama, based on my sci-fi Weird-Western historical fantasy trilogy, is up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. (See the Apple Podcast link in the comments.) There is also a lovely article about the podcast in Audere … [Read more…]

Audere revisits some Bowie writing of mine

Yesterday, the very famous “Audere Magazine” recommended a few pieces to read about David Bowie, since this is the fifth anniversary of his death, and the 74th anniversary of his birth, and this included a couple of articles that I wrote. I really seems as though we are all living through a Bowie song right … [Read more…]

Don Rickles: On second thought….

Now that Don Rickles has been dead for a while and an appropriate time has passed, here’s my personal recollection. Some years ago, maybe ten or 15 years ago, for my birthday, my wife took me to Atlantic City to see Rickles and play blackjack. I followed all the rules, but I lost $200 almost … [Read more…]

RIP Willie Chan

I just heard about the death of Jackie Chan’s manager Willie Chan (he died at the end of October), which is really sad news. The first interview that I ever published was with Jackie Chan for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1989, and it was all because Willie paid some attention to me. I think that … [Read more…]

Remembering a Veteran from Long Ago

On this Veterans’ Day weekend, I am remembering my ancestor Samuel Ward, who is not thought of very often these days. Samuel, with his brothers, was a rigger in the town of Boston in the 18th century, and he chose to enter Washington’s army, while his two brothers remained loyal to the king. One day, … [Read more…]

Why I believe in dragons….

A few years ago, the Suvudu sf website published this essay of mine in which I allegedly defended my belieF in dragons, but actually tried to explain society’s stubborn irrationality. My daughter, who was then 10-years-old, illustrated it! Anyway, it’s been republished by the incredibly popular Unbound Worlds website, and you can see it here.