I have had five agents in my life. (I’m not easy to get along with, apparently.) Jonathan Matson was my third. Jonathan fired my second agent on behalf of the company he ran under his father’s name and then took me under his wing, for a while, anyway. He was the most storied, by far; some of the greatest authors who ever lived were once clients at the Matson agency. Jonathan came up with the idea of telling Watt O’Hugh’s backstory, which would have been kind of a historic suggestion, if only the series were more successful. There’s still hope, when Book 3 comes out, for the reading public to prove Jonathan’s instincts correct; I wish that Jonathan could have been around to see it. I hadn’t spoken to him in twenty years or more by the time he unexpectedly keeled over, and so it took four months for news of his death to reach me. He was a good fellow, and a gift to the publishing world. RIP, Jonathan, and thanks for everything.