All Profits from “Watt O’Hugh” to American Heart Association till May 28, 2015!

I am running in the New York “Run and Heart Walk,” and have decided to donate all profits from either of my Watt O’Hugh novels between now and May 28, 2015 (when the run takes place) to the American Heart Association. This is to avoid sending everyone emails saying, “Hey would you sponsor me?” Because, really, if you want to give money for people with heart problems or heart research or whatever, just go ahead? Why should you be inclined to give more money if you hear that I’ve managed to waddle around for three miles? On the other hand, if you were thinking of giving money to a heart disease charity and you are interested in weird western sci-fi, well this is a two-fer, a win-win.

So why am I participating in this event? Because when I am not writing science fiction westerns, I work at an office, and a director at the firm told me I was “encouraged” to participate. I don’t want anyone to have a heart attack, but this isn’t my number 1 charity. I mean, it’s a good charity and everything.

If you send my publisher the receipt for your purchase of the book (email, I will donate the profits in your name and will give you a receipt to use on your taxes.

You can buy the book here. Thanks!