Where have you gone, Elizabeth A. Lynn?

October 15, 2012. More than 10 years ago, the award-winning, acclaimed author Elizabeth A. Lynn wrote a truly great book called Dragon’s Winter, the first of a projected trilogy. In 2004, the second book came out, called Dragon’s Treasure, which served mostly as an intriguing set-up for what promises to be a spectacular conclusion to one of the most beautifully written, literate and literary fantasy trilogies of our time.

Then 8 years kind of … crawled by.

Yes, I have been waiting an awfully long time for book 3. A year ago, I wrote her a letter, but received no response. I’ve googled her and yahoo’ed her, but I can find nothing less than 8 years old. You can actually find more recent and abundant information on the web about your average midtown receptionist.

Today, I found a reference to a 2010 book to which she’d contributed a short story. Unfortunately, on further investigation, I learned it was a reprint of a 2001 publication.

The trail has definitely gone cold.

I’m starting to worry.

So this post is the fanboy version (er … fan-aging-gentleman version) of one of those posters you see on bus stations looking for old guys who have wandered off.

Does anyone know where Elizabeth A. Lynn has wandered off?

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I am still getting periodic queries about this post and hits on the site every day. People have not forgotten the great Elizabeth A. Lynn! As you can see in the comments below, she responded three years ago (in 2015), with the following: “Lizzy is indeed fine — but I do not think the rest of Karadur’s story will ever be told. I regret it. I am delighted that you enjoyed Dragon’s Winter and Dragon’s Treasure.” For the record, she is a martial arts instructor in San Francisco. You can see plenty of videos of her work on YouTube. (Here, for example.) If she regrets not finishing her trilogy, then why doesn’t she finish it? She doesn’t say. I hope someday she will change her mind, but for now, this is the answer.


  1. Elizabeth Lynn

    Lizzy is indeed fine — but I do not think the rest of Karadur’s story will ever be told. I regret it. I am delighted that you enjoyed Dragon’s Winter and Dragon’s Treasure.

    • Drachman

      Ms. Lynn – I didn’t see your response until now (since it is a few years since I originally wrote my anguished post!) – I am thrilled to hear from you and happy that you are doing well. But crushed that the story will not be finished. Why not? I am a huge fan as you can see and also a novelist, and your writing really was an inspiration to me.

      I can be reached at DrachmanSteven@gmail.com.

    • Sharon Carter

      Dear Ms. Lynn,
      I’m currently rereading Karadur’s stories and wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the books over the years. I can’t imagine why you’ve made the decision not to complete the series but I certainly respect your decision. If ever you change your mind, please know there is a fan that would love to know how the story ends.
      I remain an avid fan and appreciate your taking the time to read my comments.

    • Luna Cameron

      Ah, that is indeed sad news. I too, like many others, have eagerly been awaiting a new book from Ms Lynn and in particular the resolution of Karadur’s tale. I have re-read A Different Light many times (one of my favourite books ever) along with the Watchtower series. It’s just not enough. Is there not just one more book, one more story to be told?

      • Luna – I also have read Different Light more than once. I bought it when I was a kid, and then in college, during a bout with a really severe illness, I read it in the hospital. (It of course is really relevant to someone who may not live!)

        I know that she did not write any novels for many years before Dragon’s Winter, and then one of the themes of the book involved her writers’ block. I don’t know if there are any other reasons for her not to finish the trilogy. (I don’t know whether the publisher is to blame!)

        But it is indeed too bad. Still, she has a whole other career at which she excels, and which makes her happy.

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