September 7, 2014. I wish that Mickey Rooney had lived long enough to have a role in the Watt O’Hugh movie. But then he’d have to live forever. And I wish he could have lived forever. When my kids were little, he was one of their favorite actors, mostly from “Bill”, but also the Black … [Read more…]

Is indie publishing awful? Or really, really great?

Salon continues its ongoing debate on the future of publishing with its latest article, entitled Self Publishing is the Worst, which you can read here. This follows a piece arguing that, well, Indie publishing is really horrible, which followed a piece arguing that Indie published books literally SELL THEMSELVES! The author of the most recent … [Read more…]


APRIL 28, 2013. Almost exactly twenty years ago, I wrote a feature story about the film version of This Boy’s Life, by Tobias Wolfe. One of the great coming-of-age stories, This Boy’s Life details Wolfe’s not entirely noble childhood, his close relationship with his resourceful mother, and how he survives when she makes the mistake … [Read more…]

When Brisco County Jr. Met Watt O’Hugh

January 27, 2013. Twenty years back, I was a lawyer working at one of those huge firms where middle-aged men (like me) worked when they were twenty years younger than they are today. During one grueling week, I worked all night long, and then the next day, and then the next night, until the dawn … [Read more…]

Dragons Were Real

November 11, 2012. In my western science-fiction novel, The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh, my eponymous hero and outlaw is camping out in the middle of Utah when a lizard flies across the night sky. A great lizard with “hundreds of scales on its body, the head of a camel, a demon’s eyes, a cow’s ears, … [Read more…]

Where have you gone, Elizabeth A. Lynn?

October 15, 2012. More than 10 years ago, the award-winning, acclaimed author Elizabeth A. Lynn wrote a truly great book called Dragon’s Winter, the first of a projected trilogy. In 2004, the second book came out, called Dragon’s Treasure, which served mostly as an intriguing set-up for what promises to be a spectacular conclusion to one of … [Read more…]

A Couple of Awards to Announce

The Indie Excellence Awards has named Watt O’Hugh the winner in the Fantasy Novel category, and the Next Generation Indie Awards has named it a finalist in the Action Adventure category. Thanks to both organizations for the recognition and the honor. Check out all the winners, and maybe read a book or two.