Sky Captain, Reconsidered

My TV stopped working for a day then mysteriously came back to life tonight. I took the opportunity to watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with the family. Even my kids loved it, and they hate everything I like, just as a rule. Seems to me this holds up better than it did … [Read more…]


One of the reviews of “You, Me and the Apocalypse” noted that for an English coproduction, the creators showed a shocking disregard for the “Oxford comma.” Here in America, adding “You” to the un-comma’ed title “Me and the Apocalypse” requires a comma after “You” but does not result in a second comma being placed after … [Read more…]

Never Finding Neverland

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of J.M. Barrie’s novel version of Peter Pan. Not the musical show nor the Disney movie. The novel, it seemed to me, was pretty dark and not whimsical, and it didn’t sugar-coat childhood. Was it a good thing to remain a child forever? It certainly … [Read more…]

Green Acres is the Place to Be

RIP Richard L. Bare, who directed almost every episode of Green Acres, and also the “To Serve Man” episode of The Twilight Zone. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Bare began directing Green Acres, which starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as a sophisticated Manhattan couple who move to a farm, in 1965. He … [Read more…]

A few guest blogs for you to peruse

May 23, 2014 – For my publication week, I wrote a few guest blogs on some great websites. I talked about the “Big Idea” of my book on John Scalzi’s Whatever website, I explained why I have to believe in dragons on Suvudu (which my daughter kindly illustrated), and I imagined an interview from 1936 … [Read more…]