A Word of Thanks

I think it’s generally discouraged on GoodReads for authors to contact their readers directly and personally; so I just wanted to send out a word of thanks to everyone who has read my book, and especially to everyone who has rated or reviewed it, even if you’ve been critical. I’ve appreciated it. I will be … [Read more…]

How to be an Obsessive Compulsive Indie Author

So I wrote a science fiction western historical fantasy, The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh, and according to the critics – those who have looked at it – it’s a good book. (Kirkus Reviewsnamed it as one of the best of 2011, as you may have heard me mention about a thousand times, if you are … [Read more…]

I’m an Indie Author ….?

I learned about a year ago that my mother’s grandfather – Professor Allen Johnson – was a prominent historian of the very early 20th century. His books – including a Jefferson biography – are still available in print on demand format from numerous venues, including one publisher aptly named “Forgotten Books”. He died in 1930, … [Read more…]


My new novel, The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh, features a hero born in 1842. A former orphan of New York’s slums, and a Civil War veteran, Watt O’Hugh does what many young desperate men from the 19th century East did – he goes West. He works on a cattle run, fights a range war, becomes … [Read more…]

Western author tour

October 30, 2011. I’m just back from Colorado and Wyoming, where I had author events at some of the spots where the book actually took place. In Laramie, Wyoming, I read from the book in the actual prison where Watt O’Hugh was locked up (it’s now a museum), and an enthusiastic group braved a terrible … [Read more…]

Watt O’Hugh Book Lecture

October 19, 2011 I will be appearing in Leadville, Colorado, at the Book Mine, on Sunday, October 23, from 2 pm till 4 or 5, meeting customers, maybe reading from Watt O’Hugh and signing books. I will then speak in Laramie, Wyoming, on Tuesday, October 25 at 6 pm at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site, at 975 … [Read more…]